The way I work

Our first meeting is an assessment to make sure that the help being offered is appropriate. This will help us decide whether the work is to be short-term or needs to be longer term. If, at the end of this assessment, I think I can help and we feel we would like to work together, we agree to meet on a regular basis, usually at the same time each week. The first meeting is for an hour and then each subsequent session is for 50 minutes.

As we start our work together, I would help you to identify and pinpoint what is causing you distress or discomfort. We would look at ways of working through difficult feelings and resolving them. You will be equipped with strategies to manage these negative thoughts and feelings more effectively, getting rid of feelings of stuckness leading to a richer and more satisfying life.

Also we may explore whether the current issues are connected with patterns from the past and we can work together to make sense of them because, in my experience, insight leads to change.

“An unexamined life is not worth living!"    Socrates

One client shared: “I feel as though everything we’ve spoken about has been really helpful and has helped me understand myself a lot more. I also valued your warmth and support in our time together”

Another recent client wrote: “I’m happy to say our sessions have been fantastic and I’m feeling back to my best. I’ve used the techniques you taught me and the perspective you gave me to really not experience any negative feelings or anxiety for more than a few minutes here and there and am confident I have turned a corner with your help”



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